Stepping Into a New Season

I love living in the Northeast.  Why?  Because I love living through the different seasons that we experience up here.  Snow.  Summer.  Brisk Fall Nights.  Thawing Spring Afternoons.  It's all amazing to me, and seeing the changes is another consistent reminder of how God utilizes change/end/seasons to move us forward into His purposes.  With that in mind, I share this brief post.

April 30th was my last Sunday on staff at Trinity Grace Church Crown Heights.  I have enjoyed three wonderful years of ministry here.  Our family is still a part of the church community here, but my participation and involvement will be from a 'lay' perspective.

We moved up here on April 1, 2014.  We came to help Rashad, Stacy, and the leaders up here as this new church plant was forming.  It has been a great time that has helped plant us in Brooklyn.

But as seasons change, so do our lives and our journeys.  Each season, while carrying similarities, will be distinct from the other.  The hope is that, as these seasons change, we can adequately celebrate the season we leave in order to fully embrace the one we're stepping into.

This shift is what helped propel me to move forward toward recording the new Worship Album/EP.  It was a dream that I'd long left in the back-burner.  It seemed like it was time, and I risked it, launching what turned out to be a successful Kickstarter Campaign to kick-off a process that will prayerfully yield a worship album in October of 2017.

What happens next is somewhat of a whiteboard.  I feel like God brought out the eraser and has the marker in hand.  I'm excited to see what He writes as I step into this next season.

Macho Lara